About Hair Clinic

In a world of R&D driven by advanced and developing medicine, Hair Clinic Laboratories aims to provide its clients with the most advanced diagnostic tools in the world, coupled with the most effective treatment for hair and scalp problems.

Hair Clinic Laboratories was founded in Israel in 1996 by Andre Benita, who is also the Co-CEO together with Karine Elbahari, an IAT (International Association of Trichologists) certified trichologist. Karine leads the professional aspect of the organization and manages the trichology realm at the company.

The company is a forerunner in the field of Trichology in Israel, specializing in hair loss and halting baldness by improving scalp health and the condition of the hair roots.

Hair Clinic Laboratories is a professional company that is actively involved in the IAT, sharing information with its members worldwide, participates in global conventions, interest days and training for  trichologists  worldwide.

The professionals at Hair Clinic Laboratories have the most recent and state of the art technology at their disposal to diagnose hair problems and to treat them using unique and leading treatments. The microscopic test at Hair Clinic Laboratories is conducted by leading specialists in the field of hair science that have been trained and certified by Karine Elbahari, the chief trichologist.

Hair Clinic Laboratories’ treatment method is based on a technique that combines a unique treatment technique developed by a team of leading hair care scientists, together with an exclusive series of New Age Formulas  treatment products, approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Hair Clinic Laboratories has 4 branches in Israel: the main branch is in Tel Aviv and the other branches are in the Haifa, Jerusalem, and Ashdod.